5 Benefits of Personal Training

by Adam Toffan, M.Sc, NSCA-CSCS, CSEP-CEP
Assistant Fitness Testing & Assessment Coordinator
Recreation Services, University of Manitoba

Personal training is an investment in your health. Just like your RRSP or mutual funds, you want return on your investments. Below is some of the ways you get returns on your investment into personal training.

1. Efficiency: The most common reason for people not getting enough exercise is time. 64% of people who don’t exercise enough say it is because they don’t have time. People have school, jobs, families etc. But let’s do some math. The fact is we aren’t as busy as we think. It’s about priorities. The average person watches 2-3 hours of TV per day. We spend 25-33% of our waking hours doing non-work related activities (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/youre-probably-not-as-busy-as-you-say-you-are/). A 1 hour workout is 4.16% of your day. If you are unable to exercise without extra commuting, 2 hours including a workout and commute is 8.3%. For less than 10% of your day you can improve your life, but now you need to maximize your time! That’s where a professional personal trainer can help. A trainer can monitor your rest to make sure you don’t have unnecessary downtime. They can also make sure you are working out with the proper intensity so you get the most out of your time.

2. Accountability: It’s easy to skip out on a workout when you are only accountable to yourself but we are less likely to skip out when someone else is counting on us. Whether that is a training partner or a personal trainer, it helps to have someone who is expecting you. Once in the gym, the trainer also keeps you accountable with regards to your effort. A trainer will help make sure you don’t cut a set short or go a little lighter or slower than you can. Having someone make sure that you’re doing all the work at the proper intensity means better results!

3. Personalized: Everyone is different. They have different goals, preferences, medical history and experience. Therefore, finding a cookie cutter workout off youtube might not address you specifically. A personal trainer will build your program around YOU. If you have a sport you play or health concerns, everything you do will be because it helps you reach your goals and based on the most current research.

4. Instruction/Safety: Some exercises are more beneficial than others. They work more muscles and they have more transfer to daily activities. However, some of these exercises also have more risk involved if done incorrectly! A trainer is not only able to teach you correct form but monitor form throughout to make sure it is maintained even during fatiguing exercise. If, at any point, you are in any danger of hurting yourself or failing at an exercise, personal trainers are trained in techniques to help you in those situations.

5. Results:
Thanks to all the other benefits listed above, people who work with a personal trainer see improved results. Because personal trainers allow you to be more efficient and give the required effort to execute a purposeful exercise program, the health or sport results are significantly better than working out on your own. In an upcoming post we will look into the research supporting this so stay tuned!